Fall 2016

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Library Insurance Q & A

Colleen Parmelee, Program Director, Cool Insuring Agency, Inc.

Fall 2016 issue of Trustee

Question: We are considering adding an addition to our library. Should I advise my insurance broker?

Answer: YES! The library takes on big exposure when contemplating construction. It is critical that you secure signed contracts with builders and require them to add the Library as an additional insured to their policies and hold the library harmless.

The Library also needs to be sure that the builder covers the added value to the property during the course of construction on a builders risk policy, or arranges for their own insurance to cover it.

Once the addition is complete, it is important that the building insurance be adjusted to reflect the new increased value of the building.

Please contact Colleen Parmelee at or (518) 698-9033 with any insurance related questions or for quotes on your library or library association.

A reminder: New Benefit for LTA Members: Discounted Group Insurance Program

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Colleen Parmelee, Program Director of Cool Insuring Agency, Inc. in Latham NY. Colleen has worked with LTA over the past few months to develop a specialized, group discounted insurance program for our Association that is now available to all LTA members.

There is a significant advantage to buying insurance as a group. It allows members of all sizes to enjoy the same level of tailored coverage along with highly discounted rates that would likely not be available to an individual library.

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