Winter 2012

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News from the State Librarian

From the Desk of Jeffrey W. Cannell, Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education and Acting State Librarian

Winter 2012 issue of Trustee

The New Year brings new challenges and opportunities to our libraries. I was pleased to have the opportunity to participate along with Library Trustees Association of New York State President Mary Ellen O’Connor and other library leaders in the Assembly Committee on Libraries and Education and Technology November 29 public hearing on library funding.

Our Assembly colleagues, including Committee Chairperson Robert Reilly listened attentively to over six hours of testimony about the status of our libraries and library systems and the critical importance of state funding.

Here are a few excerpts from my testimony. The full statement, along with the written statements of the other speakers is posted on the State Library’s website at: .

Statement (Excerpted)

New Yorkers love their neighborhood library. Some 118 million New Yorkers used a public library in the past year, taking home over 166 million items. Recently the Buffalo News featured a 93 year old woman who has used her Buffalo and Erie County Public library card for over 80 years.

New York’s Libraries – Meeting Community Needs

New Yorkers are proud of their neighborhood library. Most New Yorkers have a lot to be proud of, whether its:

These are only a few examples of the exciting things happening in New York libraries today. In my job as Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education and Acting State Librarian, I have the great pleasure of learning about and seeing firsthand the many exciting programs and services New York libraries are offering to meet the changing needs of their communities.

State-supported Library Systems – Shared Services Benefit New Yorkers

Most New Yorkers are well aware of the wide range of services offered by their local library. If you are one of the approximately one million New Yorkers that does not yet have a neighborhood public library, then you are most likely benefiting from a State-supported public library system. Because of the public library system, you are able to make full use of other libraries in neighboring communities.

Many New Yorkers are not aware of the State-supported library information infrastructure that helps their local library. This State-supported infrastructure includes the New York State Library, the library systems and some 7000 local libraries.

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