Winter 2012

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Progress Is Being Made at Wells Memorial Library

Winter 2012 issue of Trustee

Marie-Anne Azar Ward, Wells Memorial Library Board of Trustees President, provided this summary of damage to Wells Library in the North Country System and on their recovery.

“The AuSable River flooded our region as a result of Tropical Storm Irene’s severe rains on August 28. The river rose 11.5 feet above its 7 foot flood stage, filling the library’s basement and main floor to a depth of 2 1/2 feet. The water, upon receding, left a layer of mud on everything, including computers, books, toys, furnishings, other equipment and of course the floors and walls. Over 1/3 of our books were destroyed along with much of our archives and several of the bookshelves. The handicap ramp was ripped from its mooring and the lawn looks like a beach.

We had a lull between intensive clean up and when we were able to secure plumbers, heating experts, excavators, cement pourers and contractors to do the “professional” work. Volunteers did much to prep the building including mucking out, cleaning, raking the silt from the lawn, tearing out drywall and
insulation, storing furniture and books, etc. Book donations have been tremendous and we plan to give away a number of duplicates to schools and other libraries.”

A further update came in just before we went to print. Marie-Anne let LTA know:

“We are nearing completion of the library’s restoration and the mild temperatures have been beneficial! However, it’s looking like our January Grand Reopening might be closer to a Valentine for the community. Since my first update, our basement was repoured, a drainage trench dug around the building’s perimeter, the sidewalk reset, the handicap ramp rebuilt, the interior walls drywalled and painted. Still to be finished are new bookshelves, floors and carpets. The donated books which have been in temporary storage are being processed daily by our librarian, Karen Rappaport and her elves. We’re getting there. Thank you for your continued interest in our story.

Our website is and we’re also on Facebook.”

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