Summer 2011

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Institute Awards

Summer 2011 issue of Trustee

At the LTA Institute held in Albany, NY on April 29 and 30, four awards were given by the LTA board.

The prestigious Velma K. Moore award, along with a cash prize of $1,000 for the recipient’s library, was presented to Eloise (Wheezie) Quimby, a trustee of the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, NY. Eloise has been involved with the Hampton Library for decades and has served in just about every capacity possible.  Her letter of nomination described many varied roles she has assumed and certainly testified to her commitment to her library.

Eloise was accompanied to the luncheon on Saturday by her daughter and took great delight in receiving the check.  The timing was perfect as the Hampton Library’s new director was arriving on the following Monday and Eloise was looking forward to being able to present the check to the new director.  Eloise was nominated by Lee Foster, another strong library advocate.

The Outstanding Trustee Award winner was Mary Muller from the Troy Public Library.  Mary was nominated because of her role as a trustee and president of the Upper Hudson Library System.  She was also invited to serve on the Regents Advisory Council and led the efforts to recreate the Troy Public Library as a special district library.

The Outstanding FRIENDS Award recipient was Mary-Lou Knox of the Rensselaer Public Library.  Mary-Lou was nominated for her tireless efforts to establish an annual book sale at Rensselaer despite the library having no room to store the donated books.  Needless to say, Mary-Lou has hauled and handled a lot of books but the sales have brought in both money for the library as well as new patrons.

All of the award recipients were in attendance at the Institute to receive their respective awards.

If you nominated an individual(s) for any of the awards, and your nomination didn’t win, please resubmit next year as nominations are not carried over from year to year.  Watch the TRUSTEE for information and deadlines for the 2012 awards.  The Velma K. Moore award is a statewide award.  Nominations are reviewed by an LTA committee and then approved by the LTA board.  The Outstanding Trustee and Outstanding FRIENDS awards are selected from nominations from the

geographical area in which the institute is held.

Rita Reissig
2011 Chair,
Awards Committee

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