Fall 2010

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From the Editor's Desk

by Adria Ripka

Fall 2010 issue of Trustee

Greetings, fellow library trustees.


Believe it or not, I enjoy attending library meetings. Regardless of the location, length or purpose, I always learn something. At a local advisory council meeting in July attendees heard about materials available at the Onondaga County central library that relate to foundations and grants. Besides an excellent introduction to the Foundation Center cooperative collections, the presentation reminded me that our library systems are truly great information resources in ways of which we, the trustees, may not be aware.


I think you will find the article on the Foundation Center in this issue informative for two reasons: 1) you may be more successful in seeking grant funding by using this resource, and 2) we can point out that the cooperative collections are an added value our systems provide to the public at no cost. What a nice tidbit for our marketing tools. There is a cooperative collection center located in 17 of the 23 library systems in New York State.

To find the collection nearest you, go to


As part of my “summer reading”, I borrowed a book displayed at that July meeting, and I highly recommend it. Titled “Fund Raising Realities Every Board Member Must Face”, the book is an excellent primer or review on key steps to keep in mind when planning a fund drive. Chapters are short and to the point so that the reader is not overwhelmed. The author, David Lansdowne, provides clear suggestions and encouragement.


Keeping track of funding and legislative initiatives can be daunting. When I visited the New York State Assembly site recently at, a keyword search on “library” brought up 88 bills! Some of the bills listed related to specific libraries while others have a wider scope. LTA, along with other partners in the library realm, will provide insights and overviews. You’ll see a brief update in this edition of the Trustee.


We are in the midst of challenging economic times. In spite of that, there are successes large and small taking place in our libraries. We need to share those successes with our community news sources and ourselves. Hearing good news can brighten our outlook and reinforce our resolve. I know you will find some good news in this issue.


I’ll close by saying thank you to those trustees who shared positive feedback on the Summer 2010 edition of the Trustee, and for the corrections that came in, as well. The goal of the Trustee is to communicate information that has value to our members and the library community. The newsletter may include a range of topics; some light, some thought-provoking; some local and some broader in scope. While not every item submitted may be included, I welcome your news and views. Which topics would you like included in the quarterly Trustee? Perhaps a survey in the next issue of the Trustee and on the website would trigger some feedback. I’ll keep that in mind.

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