Winter 2008

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From the Editor's Desk

Sam Patton, TRUSTEE Editor

Winter 2008 issue of Trustee

Trustee training is becoming a more visible need to the Legislature, NYSALB and NYLA.  When our small Free Association Library became a Legislative District Library, we quickly realized that we needed a lot more information.  I have also talked with a friend who is a long time member of the State School Boards Association, who supported the change to make training mandatory for School Board members.

So be sure to take advantage of our own Trustee Institute at Saratoga Springs in May. There will be more information in the next TRUSTEE, and on our web site.   Not only will you find spring in Saratoga a pleasant time to visit, you will have an opportunity to hear from many experienced people on subjects of interest to Trustees.  And perhaps just as important, you will have a chance to meet informally and discover who has had, or solved, a problem similar to yours, or knows someone who has.

I have attended many workshops, seminars, expositions, and technical society meetings all over the US, Canada, and a lot of Europe for almost 50 years, covering computer science, mathematics, school systems, and libraries.  And I think that my observation after the first few has held true: that at least 50% of the value came from personal contacts and informal conversations, and the other 50% from the formal presentations.

So come not just to listen, but to participate.  If you have a subject you want to talk about, seek out any member of the NYSALB Board.  We will always be ready to listen, and try to put you in touch with people who can help.

Become (or continue to be) active in keeping library interests on the radar screen of your local Assembly and Senate representatives.  Join NYLA and NYSALB in Albany on March 11, 2008 for the annual Library Lobby Day.  It is important that Trustees are represented and visible supporters.  Trustees are volunteers, not paid employees, and we carry more weight with legislators than we sometimes realize.

Meet with your representatives at their local offices.  Keep them informed on what your library is doing.  Invite them to any special events, get a photo and get the picture in the local paper.  Establish contact with their local office staff, so they know you and the library.  Thank them publicly when they do something to help your library.
I hope many of you will be in Saratoga in May.

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