Fall 2006

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by Karen Achilles, NYSALB Trustee

Fall 2006 issue of Trustee

It is time to submit your nomination for the Velma Moore Award. The award will be presented at the Trustees Institute May 4 – 5, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza, New York-LaGuardia. This award was established in 1962 to honor the memory of Velma Moore, who worked as a very effective library activist from 1947 to her death in 1961. Mrs. Moore was one of the charter members of the Library Trustees Foundation of New York (predecessor of NYSALB). For two terms she was the organization’s president and also served as trustee, for 33 years, of the Kenmore Public Library (near Buffalo, NY). She was the wife of former NYS Lieutenant Governor Frank C. Moore. The award carries a $750 stipend to be donated to the library or library service of the award winner’s choice. The winner will be presented with an attractive engraved plaque at the NYSALB Trustee Institute in May 2007.

The Guilderland Public Library this year budgeted monies for a full time librarian to head up older adult services. The money awarded to the Velma Moore 2005 winner Merry Sprano will be used as seed money to purchase a book discussion collection to be used by assisted living and nursing home patrons. Books will be purchased in regular print, large print, audio, and CD.  When the discussion group is finished with a book, all library patrons will be able to check it out, on the media that suits their needs. What a wonderful way to use this award creatively!

The Tully Free Library Trustee Board has just completed building renovations along with a 500 square foot community room expansion. Carol Gleason, the 2006 Velma Moore winner, was part of that project. Her award monies supported the capital fund expenditures. A trestle computer table with all the bells and whistles was built by the project manager, a master craftsman. He also volunteered hours to build shelving for the children’s room and the main desk. Even though the project is not quite paid for, the Velma Moore Award helped this small library fund necessary library improvements.
Think about library community volunteers, library staffers, in fact,   anyone whom you believe has made an important difference to our library community, or who has traveled that extra mile to make things significantly better and/or more effective for our libraries. Submit a one page nomination letter with relevant information that describes the individual’s commitment to library service. Be sure to include the name, phone number, and email address, and send your letter to the Velma Moore Award Committee at, or by mail to the NYSALB office at P. O. Box 11048, Albany, NY 12211. The deadline for submission of nominations for this prestigious annual award is February 15, 2007.

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