Spring 2002

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Editorial: Awards and Rewards A Way To Say Thank You

by Edwin M. Field, TRUSTEE Editor, NYSALB Director

Spring 2002 issue of Trustee

Since the very beginning of time, in some manner, shape or form, man (and woman) have been rewarded by their peers for good deeds and services rendered.  Down through the ages, there were probably other names given to the awards and rewards system but the thought and reasoning behind the process remains much the same. That the concept has survived through the centuries, is a tribute to  the system and to a genuine desire on the part of an organization's peer group to provide an honor for efforts on the part of their selected honoree for work well done.

Awards and rewards are effective tools because in addition to honoring the selected award recipient, the recognition provides an example, an impetus, and a reason for others to emulate the winner's good deeds and actions. Whether in the form of cold cash, a mere honorarium, an ornate plaque, media recognition, simple applause from an audience of peers, or any other mechanism, the process works and works effectively. There are willing workers for libraries and the good deeds continue.

Here briefly is NYSALB's award and reward story. Since 1962, The New York State Association of Library Boards has had a mechanism in place that has honored some of the outstanding leaders in the library profession as its recipients. It's called the Velma Moore Award and was established to honor the memory of Mrs. Moore by the Library Trustees Association of New York State.  This organization was the predecessor of NYSALB.

One of the charter members of the Foundation and the wife of former State Lt. Governor Frank C. Moore, Mrs. Moore worked actively for the improvement of library services in New York State from 1947 until her death in 1961. She served two terms as Library Trustees Foundation president and was a member of its board from the time it was established.  Mrs. Moore was also a trustee of the Kenmore Public Library (located near Buffalo, NY) for thirty-three years.

NYSALB's Velma Moore Award committee is currently seeking nominations for this prestigious award. In addition to the statewide recognition granted the winner, presentation during the annual NYLA/NYSALB Conference, in the fall, and a specially designed honoree plaque,  the award also carries with it a stipend of $750.00 to be donated by the award winner to a library or library service of choice.

Why not consider potential  candidates for this honor today?  Send in your choice(s) and your candidate(s) name and related information. The information will be among those placed before NYSALB's Velma Moore award committee.

Eligibility - Any individual or organized group who has made exemplary contributions to the development of library service in New York State is eligible for nomination. The nominees may be, but need not be, trustees, library boards or any group of library supporters.

Nominee Criteria -

  • Service to local and county libraries and library systems.
  • Service to state and national library organizations  
  • Service in the legislative area (e.g. service on behalf of libraries with Congress or other  legislative body.
  • Service on state study commissions relating to libraries.
  • Published articles, books, etc. relating to libraries.

Nominating Procedure - Nominations may be submitted by mail to NYSALB, Velma Moore Committee, 388 Broadway (4th floor), Albany, NY 12207, or send your entry by FAX to (518) 434-0072.  The letter of nomination should include the name and address of your nominee; library affiliation; and a statement of not more than 250 words on the reason for your choice. Nominations close on August 15, 2002.

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