Fall 2002

The Trustee communicates issues affecting libraries and library services. Once a library and systems join LTA, all their trustees automatically receive this quarterly publication published by LTA. To learn more about membership in LTA, Click Here.

NYSALB Programs at the NYLA-NYSALB Conference October 23-26, 2002 - Buffalo, NY

Fall 2002 issue of Trustee

Evaluating Your Library Director

8:30 am, Saturday, October 26, 2002, The who, why, how and when of evaluating your library director. Speakers are Nancy Cummings, Trustee Fairport Public Library and Sam Patton, Trustee East Fishkill Community Library

Selling a Re-chartering Referendum to Your Community

10:30 am, Saturday, October 26, 2002, The importance of long range plans, needs assessment and public relation campaigns in the successful passing of library budgets and re-chartering referenda. Speakers are Erin Apostle, Trustee Upper Hudson Library System and Christine Culp, Trustee Brighton Public Library

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