Winter 2001

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Did You Know?

By Marcella O'Hanlon, NYSALB Trustee

Winter 2001 issue of Trustee

Did you know that by becoming a member of the NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF LIBRARY BOARDS

(NYSALB), you are looking out for the potential of your library?  Your library board has the final responsibility to see that it provides the best possible service to its community.  What better way to meet the challenges and needs of your library than to become a member of NYSALB so that you may enjoy the many benefits offered including:

·        Dissemination of information to improve library services

·        Promoting the development of library services throughout New York State

·        Aiding in the development of regional and county libraries

·        Educating trustees about their role as trustee

·        Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of library trustees

·        Advocating support of library programs

·        Communicating with library trustees to inform them of issues affecting libraries and library services

·        Annual Trustee Institute sponsor

·        Velma Moore Award program sponsor

·        Providing a Membership Directory

·        Subscription to NYSALB’s newsletter TRUSTEE

·        Providing trustee leadership in current and future library legislative actions

·        NYSALB’s archival web site <>  

Please contact NYSALB today to join! Early bird special going on right now!

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