Winter 2001

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A Successful Literary Fund Raiser

Winter 2001 issue of Trustee

Interesting and effective fund raising programs can often serve as idea generators or at the very least starting points for library trustees considering a program for their institution. The following program has weathered six successful seasons and made a great hit in the community served by the Central Library.


Theme:     “Travel through the minds of literary genius.”


Sponsor:  Friends of The Central Library, Syracuse, NY


Promotion:  A six-part lecture series this year featuring Walter Mosley (Devil in a Blue Dress); Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun); Frank McCourt (Angela’s Ashes);  Bailey White (Mama Make Up Her Mind); Barry Holstun Lopez (Artic Dreams); and Robert Pinsky (The Situation of Poetry).


Timing: Six individual lectures starting in October 2000 and going through May 2001.


Price:  $20. per lecture; $95. for the series. Patron Level- $200 for the series.; Literary Circle Level- $500. for the series.


Process: A simulated passport greets you when you open your mail.  The package contains the full story, the purpose of the fundraiser and offer to attend. “Come and enjoy a journey into the minds of six of the most talented and well respected writers of our time,” invite the Passport authors. “Over the course of 6 evenings, writers whose works  encompass an amazing breadth of styles and traditions will speak at the Crouse Hinds Theater, John H. Mulroy Civic Center.”


Purpose: “The Rosemond Gifford Lecture Series is brought to you,” notes information in the Passport, ”by the Friends of the Central Library. “In this time of dwindling government support for public resources such as libraries, the funds raised by this series will make it possible for The Central Library to acquire new books and continue to expand its offerings to the community. Subscribing to the series is a great way for you to show support for reading and the job of books.”


Any ideas for your next fundraiser?   For information: Thomas P. Dydyk, Executive Director, Friends of the Central Library -- (315) 435-1927

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