July 1999

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Legislative Report: Business As Usual!!!

July 1999 issue of Trustee

By Kenneth Wilbur, NYSALB Trustee –Legislative Chair


Last year in Albany the budget process was changed and a budget was in place earlier than normal.  This year it is back to “business as usual.”  The leadership of New York State, the governor, majority leader of the senate and the speaker of the assembly, are controlling the budget process.  This leadership has not been able to agree on the basic fundamental issue: how much money is available to spend in the fiscal year 1999-2000.  


The library community cannot resolve this issue.  The best we can do is to contact our senators and assemblypersons and urge them to take our concerns to their leadership. NYSALB is urging fellow trustees to keep the advocacy pressure on the folks in Albany to move for additional funding and programs for the libraries of New York State.


Once again individual bills will be introduced in the Assembly and Senate with the purpose of benefiting libraries.  These legislative efforts and the basic funding in the budget need to be supported by every trustee.  Our “business as usual” is to call, write and visit your representatives. Maybe we can get more $$$ for our libraries.

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