Fall 2017

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from the Editor's Desk

Fall 2017 issue of Trustee

One of the challenges of sharing this column each edition is that of having content that will be relevant by the time our readers receive the newsletter. What is newsworthy at the time of writing might be irrelevant a month later. Alas.

There are a few items, however, that I feel will bear up. First, please make every effort to connect with individuals running for office in your area to serve. Never assume that the candidates have a feel for, or knowledge of, the value of your library to your community. Provide them with a concise, brief, summary of what you've accomplished in the past year, and an idea of where you are heading in the near future.

Second, read about the activities your LTA is involved with to keep library trustees important, informed partners in our State's library community. The Trustees in the Know session in August was a success. LTA will be at NYLA in November and sponsoring several workshops. Our website is updated regularly to supplement this print edition. Check it weekly.

Let me close this editorial with a welcome to any new library trustees. Terms end throughout a calendar year and LTA may not be aware of your joining this vital and exciting community. I think you will find great satisfaction in serving on your library board. I know I do. Please consider participating in all that an LTA membership has to offer. We are always open to new ideas and fresh energy.

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